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10-31-2010, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Well, they should move them because it's better for the league overall... and that entire situation down there is a complete mess. They're not going to find a solid offer for that team with any interest in keeping the team there (far more valuable elsewhere). They should also move 'em because they should only be propping up a couple "developing" franchises at any one time.

However, I'm not sure that the mess in PHX or any of these other new locations is indicative that it cannot work in place X. NHL is doing quite well in Dallas, for example... far from a traditional market. The reality is that it's difficult for expansion teams once a league is really established, and they have to compete with teams that have steady fanbases and good cash flows. That forces teams (like SJ, for example) to spend beyond what they can really afford and still turn a profit in order to be competitive... part of why the CBA is so important, is to help that whole situation out. It won't be overnight, though.
Eh, I simply don't buy that much of it. I mean, how many NHL teams were there in Northern California before the Sharks got there? And I doubt Northern California somehow had this massive cadre of previous NHL fans who refused to go to Sharks games because the Sharks weren't their favorite team.

I mean, even Le Batard admits this, beyond football, people in Florida are bandwagon and I think that extends to California. I mean, it's interesting to me that before the Heat's big 3, the Heat played to half-full houses even though they had one of the NBA's most exciting and dynamic players, were consistently a PO team, and won a championship in 2006. So why would that dynamic change for hockey which if anything, is an even more foreign sport down there.

Also, with Dallas, you are essentially operating on an "exception proves the rule" principle despite a couple of very good counterexamples.

Sure, maybe they got lucky in Dallas, doesn't change the fact that SJ and Anaheim have both been failures despite some solid, competitive success.

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