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10-31-2010, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
One of the few beers on my list of "do not like"
That list is growing for me. It's unfortunate that I can no longer drink just average beer without longing for something really good. Well, I guess its not that unfortunate.

As an example, sitting at the ESPN Zone last night (because the Yardhouse was mobbed, (who the hell is Lady Antebellum anyway?)) I was limited in my choices to Newcastle, Bass, Stella, and Guiness.) I chose Newcastle. Yet, What I really wanted was a Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale or a Stone Arrogant *******.

I made up for it with some Brother Thelonious today. Maybe top it off with a New Begium Brewery 1554, a Dark Ale thats far lighter than Stouts or Porters. . . .
Porters . . . hmmm. . . seems to me I may still have a St. Peter's Porter hidden in the back of the fridge. Maybe I'll take that instead.

"Ah, choices!" Its always a good day, when I get to play hockey and drink some good beers.

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