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10-31-2010, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Timeless Winter View Post

According to that thread Zach Parise is not happy in New Jersey and will likely play out the season and look for an offer sheet or a trade from the Devils.
With that said, he'd be a perfect fit here. We need a player who's better than Nash on this team for it to be successful, and Parise fits that description.
Problem is would Parise want to play with a perennial bottom feeder and an organization with a questionable effort to win?? I don't know.

Some offers I'd consider for Parise.

Rick Nash straight up, most of us are fed up with Nash for being lazy and not producing, I'd ship him out in a heartbeat if Lou Lamoriello was willing to take him. Would NJ want 2 wingers making that dough and having a reputation for taking shifts off?

Voracek + other assets: That would be more advantageous for us, maybe Nash playing with another elite player will be enough to motivate him, since $ 7.8 million is not enough.

Brassard + Moore + whatever NJ wants: This would allow us to keep Nash/Voracek. Question is does Brass/Moore even interest NJ? Maybe.

Flame away.

We'd be robbed with either of those trades if Parise "played out the season." We'd essentually be giving up one or two first round picks (depending on your proposed trade) for a player's rights.

If we traded for him now or mid season, Voracek and Brassard would still be off the table. Voracek is having a bad season, but over the past two he's shown improvement, and his slow start might be because of the new system or because his line-mates aren't producing enough, and Brassard is coming around. His shot on the breakaway was a quarter inch from going in, and he's had opportunities come just as close. I'm not sure if he's a future number one, but I'd say he'd be a decent number two center.

Generally to get players such as Parise, or a player of his caliber, I'd say you'd have to give up a good prospect, a good player, and a high pick depending on the prior two. That's of course a blanket statement; you of course have situations like Heatley which left Ottawa's door wide open and a big "rob me" sign on the front.

I'd say in this particular situation a top six player and a good prospect would be required. But Jersey isn't taking on cap space, so a mid-season trade is pretty much out of the question, because we don't have anyone at the caliber we could trade at that price, unless you want to give up Filatov plus another prior first round pick.

Offer sheets are out, because we don't have anything significant enough coming off the books, and we're not going to risk the compensation required.

Trading for his rights for not much is probably not going to happen either, because we won't be able to afford the salary he'll demand. Even though he's going to be an RFA, he also has arbitration rights. If Nash is making 7.8, imagine how much Parise will demand having better numbers and playing the same position.

And he's a left wing. Which is the least important, but I've pretty much already nixed any hope that it will happen anyway.

We have a better chance for Spezza or Kaberle.

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