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10-05-2003, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Kerberos
What is it with fast cars and young athletes these days? This isn't the first time I hear of an athlete going too fast in his car and getting injured. All my sympathies go to Snyder and his family. However, I have absolutely no sympathy for Heatly and I hope that he is made into an example by law.
Hey Kerberos, I see you're 24, I'm 25, don't you remember when you were a little younger, maybe 16-17-18, and you did dumb, maybe dangerous things? I never did anything to endanger someone else but I did do some however that could have costed my life. I was young, immature and didn't care about the consequences. I felt invincible like every kid.

I think it's pretty bogus to throw this toward the athlete/celebrity/money factors as any young/immature adrenaline junkie is succeptible at one point in his life to do something like that on impulse. While it sure does not help, it is not the base of this type of actions in society.

It will rarely have any other consequences than for you looking back a few years later and say "man were we stupid or what?". Unfortunately it ended far more tragically for Heatley and especially Snyder and he will suffer far more severe consequences (which he should now accept as he truly is responsible legally, but the moral aspect of it is far more blurry and less black and white).

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