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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
Suffice to say, I disagree. I haven't seen last weeks episode or the one this week, but I've been impressed with what I've seen so far. Now it's no Wire, but nothing is. As for the Sopranos, I've seen a few episodes here and there but I was never able to get into it. I'll probably try again at some point but I was never impressed with what I did see.
meh, its kind of turning into a TV thread anyway with people talking about different programs. Boardwalk Empire has everything going for it that should make a good production. Basic story line, huge dollars and good production features, great cast and crew, but somehow it just lays an egg. They take good actors and yield wooden portrayals. The acting in this series is just awful. Any of the actors in this have been far better elsewhere. Its really uninspired.

Originally Posted by boopronger View Post
Wow, didnt think id find someone who thought the same as me on Boardwalk. I cant seem to get into it even though I love Steve Buscemi (sp?)
Yep. This is frankly the worst I have ever seen Buscemi. He's a great method actor and is given no freedom in this to bring any life to the protaganist main part. It falls flat starting from there but all the acting is devoid of life and emotion in this series.

Anyway can Hollywood be any more devoid of ideas. Zombies and Mafia. There, ZombieMafia I just invented a new fusion genre. Oh help us viewers..

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