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10-05-2003, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilers89
You're an idiot. If anyone's overrated it's Brian Burke. Every time I turn on the TV, who's on TV. Brian Burke. Linden, Jovonoski, May are some of the overpaid Canucks signed by Burke. Intentionally throwing games to get a high draft pick. Bure holds out when his contract isn't over. Letting Klatt and Baron go for nothing. Exposing Baumgartner and Langdon in the Waiver Draft. What right have to criticize a GM of another organization. When Kevin Lowe traded Carter and Niinimaa, he received death threats. How can Kevin Lowe be overrated when he gets criticized all over the message boards and receives death threats for the deadline trades. You really need to get your head out of your a$$.
I am not in any way a Burke lover, in fact I also believe he is tremendously overrated as a GM. But that is seriously the most assinine post I have yet to read.

-He got Linden, the NHLPA president, to take a 3 million dollar pay cut right before becoming a UFA.
-he signed Jovo to a 3 year extension, at roughly 5 million per...for a d-man consistenly rated as top 10 in the NHL, 5 mill is hardly overpaying...
-May? 1 million per season-Oilers are paying more for a very similar player in Moreau-and they will be doing it for 4 bloody years...
-do you even know the canuck roster? was he supposed to expose Cooke and Ohlund in the waiver draft to hang onto the superstars known as Langdon and Baumer?
-blaming a GM for a player holding out WITH a contract? I'm honestly speechless...
-throwing games? wow...
-Baron, a 36 year old 7th d-man, and Klatt, a 32 year old injury prone 4th liner leave as UFA's...I know I'm shocked...

The absolute stupidest post I have ever read in my life-only because you were actually being serious! There are about 100 ways you could critisize Burke-yet everything you mentioned was flat-out imbecilic.

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