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11-01-2010, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
NHL is doing quite well in Dallas, for example... far from a traditional market. The reality is that it's difficult for expansion teams once a league is really established, and they have to compete with teams that have steady fanbases and good cash flows.
Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post

Also, with Dallas, you are essentially operating on an "exception proves the rule" principle despite a couple of very good counterexamples.

Sure, maybe they got lucky in Dallas, doesn't change the fact that SJ and Anaheim have both been failures despite some solid, competitive success.
I've always had a soft spot for dallas dating back to my childhood, even though i grew up a Flyers fan first and foremost. I think having a player in Modano as the franchises center piece for well over a decade does so, so much for a franchise. I'm sure they had some initial support as well from the N. Stars fans perhaps being attached in some ways to the team, but I don't think you can really discredit how valuable Mike Modano was to keeping that team in relative importance in Dallas. It was kind of the perfect storm really when you look at it, one of the best American born hockey players ever to play the game in Dallas Texas. Growing up and still learning the game I would have been hard pressed to locate the difference between Dallas and Houston on a map, but I loved Modano and his skating style, was simply fun to watch.
It's always hard to pin point which fans in which area will accept a sport's franchise though. If simply giving a sport "time" was an indicator or success Soccer would be doing well in the USA by now as well... Some areas, if you want to believe it or not IMO, simply do not have the taste for Ice Hockey, and that's not exactly a problem either, its that the NHL brass insists on making them want to like Ice Hockey, seems silly to me.

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