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11-01-2010, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I wish I knew who it is. I want to strangle the guy. It's not fun when my brother buys his first car and gets it 5 days ago(yes, 5 ****ing days) and he wakes up ready to go to school and not only did someone destroy the driver side window(and surroundings), they also took a huge piece of glass(from the window) and placed it on our if to say FU. When you see that, coupled with the fact my car got targetted a few months ago, it makes you want you sick to your stomach. It's discouraging to know that not much will be done, I didn't think there would be much, just sucks to have that confirmed.

Mod or no mod, I wanna do a lot worse than lying to my insurance company lol
That's frustrating, man. Not exactly the same thing, but my parents' cottage in NB has been getting broken into by local teens in recent months while they're not there. Just about everyone else's place in the area has been nailed at least once, if not multiple times. People have seen the trash in the area that does this -- these little teenage holes of **** that ride around in those mini Suzuki 'Jeep'-like cars, with no shirts on drinking Rock Star.

Cops in the hole of a town nearby told them to their face there's nothing they can do. Serious? I haven't studied five minutes of law enforcement, but I can think of a dozen strategies for getting these kids tangled up.

They weren't even interested in filling the report of what was taken, probably 'cause it takes several minutes that he could use to clean the cheese that his Big Mac squirted on his shirt.

Most stuff was just 'stuff', but some other things were family heirloom type things (e.g. my mom's grandfather's fishing rod).

Originally Posted by Dutchy View Post
In your police report, I would stress out the fact that this is deliberate, and maybe drop that you fear for your safety. That's bound to make them work harder.
Or link them to a terror plot. Lol -- I've been watching too much of the Wire lately.

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
We eventually had to start blocking them in though because really these people don't learn. I remember one time my boss gets in, all the spots are taken. There's some guy in the passenger seat studying and he just doesn't get it, you're in our parking spot GTFO. Keys in the ignition so obviously my boss told the guy get out of my spot. He says it isn't his car so he told him get the person, the person is in class. Well use your head you're in another persons parking spot and there's a sign at eye level that says it is.

Another time I come in and my spot is taken. I'm the one here for the largest portion of the day 8 hours. Whenever this happens now my company asks me to go park them in. This happens maybe once a month now, I have to go park some retard in because they're too stupid to read a sign either that or they just don't care. You wouldn't believe the kind of socially inept retards we have coming to this place, you really honestly wouldn't believe it. The kinds of things we all learn as a child these people don't learn. Please... thank you... common sense stuff like if you're blocking an entrance and somebody is walking towards you, to get out of their way. People not holding doors for other people but then not saying thank you when doors are held for them. Don't get me wrong I don't expect you to be like "THANK YOU SO MUCH! GOD YOU MADE MY DAY!" but at least be curtious enough to acknowledge their existence.

Funniest thing is they always smoke by the entrance too, I get it, it's an adult ed filled with people who couldn't even finish high school in our country if they tried, we aren't talking about a high class of people. They're people who have been for the most part rejected from society already. I remember the other day two girls were in the parking lot smoking, these are two of the more normal looking females I've seen around the school. This one guy whose like twice their age was practically eye ****** them. I was going to head inside and the guy gets to the door before I do, instead of going in stops, eye ***** them the entire time, after a few seconds I realize what he's doing and I just go in myself. I'm standing at the elevator and by the time it comes down and I get in the guy is still eye ****** them.
Terror plot.

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