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05-16-2005, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
let me be clear... i LOVE markov, and that was a GREAT trade... but he is NOT our no. 1 dman. KJ was our best dman on the ice in the playoffs while playing with a friggin broken hand after the first round (which, prior to breaking his hand in the last game, he was arguably the best player on the ice every night).

Markov does not have the offensive side of the game to be a true no. 1. He's going to be a great guy to have in our number two match-up D-pairing...

Rico is still around for another year, yes?

KJ - Seidenberg
Markov - Timander
Rico - Pitkanen

some variation of that or whatever... teams are going to have less depth in a capped/taxed league, so the depth that we may like to have isn't going to exist due to the financial situation. which is fine... going along with the growth of Seids and Pitkanen's games, we should be in decent shape hopefully. if a move is necessay, Clarkie will do it.
Markov showed me allot last season, i was a bit upset with that deal at first but it ended up being a very good deal for Philly. As for KJ he was clearly our #1 defenseman all season, what he did last season playing with a broken hand shouldnt be forgotten. After that there are some question marks, I am not sure about Rico being here, the year off surely should heal that broken arm of his but is he with the Flyers next year if we have a season? i am not sure. As far as the the Phantoms go, we have Pitkanen and Seids and a bunch of kids who MIGHT be a #6 dman. I obviously didnt get to see allot of the Phantoms this year, only game I saw was when they made the trip to Manchester. But allot of Phantoms fans I talked to were not impressed with Pitkanen for most of the season. He was lazy and acted like he didnt want to be with the club, and some felt that he had lost some of his edge after he got his first concussion last year. But from what I understand he has been very good in the playoffs, which is a good sign.
I still think Pitkanen is going to be very good, Lidstrom-like? I wouldnt go that far but very good none the less. Seids also is going to be a valuable part of the team.

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