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Originally Posted by Lososaurus View Post
Every attempted pass finds a way to hop over their stick, go between their feet and stick, bounce off the boards incorrectly, fly past the receiver or have an owl swoop down and take it away. Something goes wrong every time.
Well, maybe I missed it on this post, but one of the things you need to think about when you pass, it not to pass at the player. But, pass to where the player is going to be! And the other thing that I might have missed here in this post is...puck support!

You can't make a complete pass if the winger is out at the center red line with his stick in the air while you are doing a break-out and you are behind the goal line. Seen that too many time! In order for you to get the puck where it's got to go, they (wings) need to come back and help you by puck supporting.

One of the biggest mistakes in passing happens within your defensive zone and this happens at the transition point. This is the area from the defensive side to the offensive side. This pass will kill you as a team every time if you don't do "Tape to Tape".

So, I tell my players several things that they need to think about while playing defense.

1.) Pass the puck a little bit a head and force the winger to move his a** to go get it.
2.) Never pass the puck along the boards to the waiting winger. It will force him to dig it out and that takes about an extra second and he really doesn't have the time to waste, when break-out windows close so quickly.
3.) Never skate the puck out of the defensive zone. Always pass it out, this way if you don't connect, it's out of the zone. Too many times players feel like they are the next super start ready for the draft and try to think they can exit without help, it get's poke check, and then it's in the net!
4.) If you get in trouble....high off the glass. Do not feed the point!
5.) Don't pass at your team mate....never! Pass to where the player will be. This means you will have to learn how to read and react to the play. This is something you can learn very easily and here's how you do it....

Take two tires and place them about about 5 to 6 feet apart from each other at the center of a face off circle. Then, take two player and place them at opposite ends of the circle. Now, have them skate in a clockwise direction with one puck. Then, have the players read and react to the speed of the other player he is with. then the puck carrier pass the puck between the to tires to the other guy coming around.

What this does if teach players how to read and react to the speed of the other player because they have to be equal distance apart from each other or the pass will not connect. Plus, they have to know how hard the pass needs to be so that the puck doesn't get blown out the other side before the receiving player gets there....get it!

Then, once you guys have your act togther in that pass....change direction. Once that passing is good, add another tire within the circle in a triangle configuration and then have three players go around the circle. This will help in teaching how to cycle and understand how to make the pass work. If you are passing to one of the other player within the circle and he misses the pass, he should not stop. Let the player trailing pick up the puck and keep moving....don't stop!

Good luck!
Head coach

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