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11-01-2010, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by lightning_legwand View Post
token grinder,

I just dont get all the hate for a 22 year old defenseman that we have on our team that has a huge upside and potential! Just give him time to develop more! An opinion that differs from your own can't automatically be chalked up to hate. Token has merely pointed out flaws he sees in Franson's game. Remember, if you have potential it's because you have yet to reach it. I think we all hope he develops into a decent off. defenseman, but the bottom line is the guy is still learning.

Playing with SOB is/will definitely boost his physical game. This kid could really pan out into a very valuable defenseman and its not just preds fans that are taking notice. The flip side to this point is Franson's physical game could become stagnant because of playing with O'Brien. If O'Brien is being the physical presence on the pairing then it could just as easily be assumed that Franson will focus on other aspects of the game that are lacking in SOB. Most notably, offense.

Why hate on that?? Why??
Perhaps I'm just as confused by these types of arguments, but for a completely different reason. I've always wondered how civil debates or arguments such as these can be read as hate. We've gotten accustomed to throwing around that word, and the bottom line is hatred isn't the motivating factor here. It's simply a disagreement on a player's current level of play.

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