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11-01-2010, 04:19 PM
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Been really busy but I DVR'd it and watched the beginning so far. Looks great.

I have been excited for this series for sometime. I have been a huge zombie fan for a long, long time. A zombie board I check out once in a while got me in on this project pretty early on.

Some that have not seen it that are thinking about it. The producer is the same producer apparently from Aliens / Terminator movies and the director is the guy who did The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Apparently both are huge fans of the comic series (which I never read I am afraid).

I am kind of enjoying that zombies are becoming popular in recent years. It results in lots of new movies and tv things. So I am enjoying that right now. As I know the fad will pass and I will be back to not having much new to check out in the genre. Then I will be going back to watch every version of the Dawn Of The Dead a hundred more times.

Kudos to AMC for doing this. They had a little promo for people to be extras down the line. So does this mean a second series of The Walking Dead has already been green lit?

Also just on a side note. Boardwalk Empire has not yet grabbed me to the extent that The Sopranos did. But I think BE has been really solid so far and I am enjoying it.

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