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11-01-2010, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by djcreepshow View Post
So I ended up going to Hockey Life today and picked up a couple of sticks. I grabbed the new Reebok 4K Crosby curve and the Bauer Supreme One20 Backstrom curve. The 4K was $50 as was the One20, but if you buy one composite stick you get 20% off the second stick. Not bad, so I got both. I play on Sunday so we'll see how they feel. Thanks for all the input everybody. I love these boards!
NICE!!!...the good thing is you also got 2 different brands which you can compare...i LOVE older bauer stuff but didnt like the newer (past 2 years) and im not a big fan of easton (could have just been bad luck)....but, i picked up a warrior anthem for $95 and its a good stick i know it cost more than both those but its still "cheap" compaired to most. I think you made the right choice with your picks and hopefully they work out for ya...

...sidenote, anyone else do this: when looking at "deals" on sticks look at orginal price and see what it is clearanced at? i mean with the stick i just got, its been out for 2 years and they just released a new version "the vandal" but its not much difference then its original price when it first came out ($115). to me this say's that its a decent stick and that it is priced right when 2 years later on clearance i got it for $95 and that was the cheapest i saw it ANYWHERE, everyone else had it for $100

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