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11-01-2010, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
My office is located inside an adult ed building. Basically we bought our office in a completely open building and then a school came in and bought the entire building. As you can probably imagine this is a nightmare for the people who work at my office because there's very little parking and we're the ones who have the nicest cars in the lot. Not trying to be cocky, everyone knows I drive a civic, my dad drives an accord v6, so anyone whose read the car thread knows I'm not trying to say I'm some baller driving an escalade. But the quality of... human being that goes to this school is questionable to say the least. There are many reasons I say this, not to generalize on all the students because some are nice, but it's a school for people who are basically socially inept. It teaches people who can't even get a minimum wage job how to get one. It's actually considered a CEGEP in reality but it's really more of a post secondary for the socially inept kind of school. (Immigrants who only speak French but who don't understand what socially acceptable behavior is in Canada essentially)

It isn't even funny though how bad it is. My cars been keyed twice and I've never once been rude to anyone or anything. Always hold the door for people and none of them even say thank you. I don't have high expectations I really don't, not like I'm saying "your welcome *********" when the person doesn't say anything. Never had any confrontational situations with anyone there really and my car gets keyed twice.

My secretary has had her car scratched up a bit too and stupid little punks leaning against her Venza. It's really pretty damn rude if you ask me. Anyways there have been an occasion or two where we've had to ask them to get away from our cars, always polite when we have though and those times all happened AFTER our cars had been ****ed with never before, or else I really wouldn't care enough to even check.

We also only have 5 parking spots, but with only 4 employees ever here at a time (we have road technicians, my boss is always at client locations, the three secretaries all work different shifts, morning, midday, afternoon/evening and only 2 of their shifts overlap)

So we have usually only 2-3 spots in use at a time, 4 at most though. We need that fifth for if a client or somebody we do business with comes by, or else they'd have no where to park.

There are big signs that say clear as day that these 5 spots are reserved. Not only are they obvious but they're in the same section the teachers parking spots are in, in fact they're in the most convenient section of the teacher parking. The school administration has really be awesome in making it as easy a transition as possible being in their building, so I don't blame them. But the students are borderline ******** socially. They don't understand simple things like common sense.

Example people park in our spots all the time, even when they've been coming to this school a long time, their excuse usually is "sorry couldn't find any other parking". Personally I couldn't give a **** if you had to park 10 miles down the road, it's not really my problem, but obviously I'm polite about it anyways because really I don't need to give them a reason to **** my car up even more.

We eventually had to start blocking them in though because really these people don't learn. I remember one time my boss gets in, all the spots are taken. There's some guy in the passenger seat studying and he just doesn't get it, you're in our parking spot GTFO. Keys in the ignition so obviously my boss told the guy get out of my spot. He says it isn't his car so he told him get the person, the person is in class. Well use your head you're in another persons parking spot and there's a sign at eye level that says it is.

Another time I come in and my spot is taken. I'm the one here for the largest portion of the day 8 hours. Whenever this happens now my company asks me to go park them in. This happens maybe once a month now, I have to go park some ****** in because they're too stupid to read a sign either that or they just don't care. You wouldn't believe the kind of socially inept retards we have coming to this place, you really honestly wouldn't believe it. The kinds of things we all learn as a child these people don't learn. Please... thank you... common sense stuff like if you're blocking an entrance and somebody is walking towards you, to get out of their way. People not holding doors for other people but then not saying thank you when doors are held for them. Don't get me wrong I don't expect you to be like "THANK YOU SO MUCH! GOD YOU MADE MY DAY!" but at least be curtious enough to acknowledge their existence.

Funniest thing is they always smoke by the entrance too, I get it, it's an adult ed filled with people who couldn't even finish high school in our country if they tried, we aren't talking about a high class of people. They're people who have been for the most part rejected from society already. I remember the other day two girls were in the parking lot smoking, these are two of the more normal looking females I've seen around the school. This one guy whose like twice their age was practically eye ****** them. I was going to head inside and the guy gets to the door before I do, instead of going in stops, eye ***** them the entire time, after a few seconds I realize what he's doing and I just go in myself. I'm standing at the elevator and by the time it comes down and I get in the guy is still eye ****** them.

We're talking two normal every day girls, I mean for that school they might be two of the hottest but they're really you're typical average girl, nothing to write home about. The guy was staring like it was a strip tease or something. Back to the point about the smoking though, these kids they smoke all around the entrances, on every corner, anyways I'm inhaling their disgusting second hand smoke all the time, don't get me wrong it's not that big a deal to me, but the funny part is coming up. I have a stock audio system, I pull in to my spot and they're smoking there like usual. I'm playing it the loudest it goes but with the windows closed. These slackers are outside smoking and have the audacity before the song is even over to tell me to turn it down. Fyi I'm right next door to the biggest cop hang out in the west island. In the mornings they all go to this one breakfast place and are literally parked mere feet from me. I haven't once had a complaint from the cops or the staff of the school about listening to music loud in the parking lot and I do it nearly every day when I get to work a bit early, listen to one or two songs. We're talking at the very most 10 minutes. One of the chain smokers knocks on my window and asks me to turn it down. Don't get me wrong she wasn't rude about it, it's just funny though. The audacity some people have that they complain about my max 3 minutes of noise "pollution" when they're arguably killing me with their smoke pollution. I mean really if it were me when I was a smoker I'd shut the **** up or go to the side of the building where I'm not blaring music. Windows were all closed and its a stock sound system. We aren't talking about 2x12" Alpine Subs + 1000W 4 channel Alpine amp with 4 pioneer speakers and ****... jeeze. I just found it was in really poor taste, the chain smokers who butch their rigs out on the ground and who smoke up a storm complaining about me finishing a song at max volume in a car with an average everyday stock audio system.

In short: File a report, they're ****ing tools and you should probably even setup a camera. My dad did at his condo complex cause some ****ing wad kept putting his trash out 30 minutes after trash came, then it sits there in their perfect little condo community for a week cause the dumbass can't get off his ass 30 minutes earlier when the trash truck comes. Some people are just such ****ing retards it really isn't even funny. They supposedly have an IQ of around 100 but with how little they care about anyone but themselves it's a wonder they even get anywhere in life. They had one tenant at some point who would leave their trash on the balcony of the person who lives below them
I can see why you would be upset with the parking. ha. having said that, you seem to be the one who just doesn't get it.

It's like you really think you are better than those people, and that they are below you. For all you know maybe someone they knew died in grade 12, couldn't handle it and are going back to school now. maybe they were sick as a kid, had cancer, now have recovered and are going back to school. maybe they didn't take maths/sciences in high school graduated with an arts degree couldn't find a job they wanted and now are back to take sciences. maybe some had abusive parents and their concern wasn't getting the next assignment done, but was rather to avoid the next beating.

oh yeah, playing music loudly in a car is only acceptable when the car is full and has at least 3 passengers in it that are intoxicated.

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