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11-01-2010, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by timbitca View Post
I've been a supporter of Mike on this site (no clue why) but more and more I'm beginning to side with the rest of you. This team is a joke and can't win a game without relying on its goaltender, who they can't rely on to not make a fool of himself.
It is not only Eagles,he was hired,as an unqualified and inexperienced administrator to set the stage for the dumping of the men,s hockey at STU and lame duck president Cochrane and "bean counter" Durling must bear much of the responsability of this next journey to the basement.
Arguments will be made that STU cannot keep up with the $$$ elements of providing a competitive hockey team,IT CERTAINLY WILL NEVER BE DONE UNDER EAGLE"S WATCH!
There has been expenditures on some players who we have been lead to believe must be compensated beyond "the every thing" model and this then will be used to justify ending the program.

It is NOT necessary now nor ever has been necessary to financially compete for players,it is simply required that selling the school and it's programs will attract plenty of athletes BUT as the record reflects and is again being reflected this year,Eagle's is way out of his league and in retrospect was a bad choice UNLESS it has been Administrations agenda to have happen exactly what is happening and use it as justification to close down the program.

Fess up STU administration and do something about this disasterous affair under the orchestration of Eagles.

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