Thread: Speculation: Oilers/Jackets at 2010 Entry Draft
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11-01-2010, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by GoChiefsGo View Post
Eberle has a history of over-achieving throughout his career, and for that reason alone he wouldn't have been popular in the Jackets dressing room.

It would have been a nice thought, but Howson probably would have just ended up selecting Dalton Smith three picks sooner (at #31). Sure, we get another prospect with the later second round pick, but I'm just saying...

When it comes down to it, would you rather have Johansen or Eberle and two other mid-level prospects?
Pretty tough to answer that when you don't know who the other prospects would have been and the total combined NHL games amounts to like 9 for all 4 pieces

Also, as Oiler fans, we have been talking about this quite a bit over the last couple weeks, as it came out about 2 and a half weeks ago here in Edmonton...we obviously were very interested in the big centre that we have been missing for some time and they were clearly very intrigued at how fast Johansen's progression has been over the last year or so...would have been nice to add him to the prospect pool

With respect to the offer, not sure where you got that part from...#31, a 3rd, and a roster player? I don't recall that being in the episode this something that came out as a rumour afterwards? Not sure who the roster player would have guess it was either Cogliano or Gilbert, since IIRC you guys need a PMD?

The ONLY thing I disagree with is the assumption that we considered moving Eberle...immediately after hanging up the phone and tell Stu, he laughs and dismisses the idea...and later that says that in no way would Jordan ever be a part of that deal

All in all, both teams should be excited because we both got a very good player in the top 5 of the draft!!

Good luck this season guys, and tell Nash to start tearing it up!!

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