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11-01-2010, 10:53 PM
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Garbage goal, how do you know that Giroux is a player that will be figured out? This is why I say it is arbitrary.

Earlier, the term "Proven player" was thrown around. How do you know that Giroux isn't in a season where he proves himself? This is why the argument "people will figure him out" is ********.

But yes, sorry, I didn't quite get it right. You didn't say "can't score 40", but you did say that "Anyone believing that Giroux can score 40+ goals is being an idiot, to be honest" implying that it is not possible for Giroux to do that. Additionally, you were implying that I was saying that he would score 40 by making that statement after quoting me.

Originally Posted by ToTheNet View Post
I'm kinda confused how you can say, "Anyone believing that Giroux can score 40+ goals is being an idiot, to be honest.'

and then come out and say that you never said Giroux cannot score 40+.

It seems like you are fairly confident that Giroux cannot score 40+ goals if you are saying that someone who thinks it may be POSSIBLE, not probably, not likely, not definitely, but POSSIBLE is an idiot for thinking so.

Perhaps if you said it was fairly unlikely he'd get 40+ it wouldn't be a big deal, but when you start calling people idiots for thinking that it might be possible, you pretty much side to the fact that he'll never ever do it and it is just a pipe dream.

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