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11-01-2010, 11:01 PM
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Yeah the camera thing doesnt work. My gf's car got scratched and her sisters boyfriends car got smashed.They smashed his front window open and dented all the hood in.We called the cops to let them know we had the people on camera that did it and they came to the house 3 hours later and reviewed the tape. We told them we saw the guy that did it walk up to the house up the road. They went up there to the house and of course the parents say no one was there. The cops came back and said to keep an eye out for them and if we see the guy again to call them. So we see him several more times and each time we call the cops. It takes them atleast 2 hours to get here. SO once again they go to the house and they cant go in. The cop calls my house the other day and leaves a message and says the case is closed until WE find any more information on this guy. Isnt that there job? They have a copy of the tape with the guy on it,shouldnt that be there job to figure out who it is. Oh well atleast we know now that the police do nothing so we will deal with it on our own this time. That really sucks about your brothers car,I hope you find out who did it.

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They are much too busy hiding behind things trying to get catch you doing 10km over the limit to pursue actual criminals.

Fix the car, park it out front and then either set up a camera or wait. It probably is getting too cold out at night to stand in the shadows so if you could get a motion detecting camera that would turn on when someone walked up to the car you could probably wait inside with the lights off. Baseball bat sounds good, I might go with an aluminum one or a baton myself. Make sure whatever vehicle is out front has a nice loud alarm.

If they put a piece of the glass on your doorstep it is personal and they are coming back, you can be sure of that.

Edit: If it was me though I would say screw all this camera stuff fix my bros car and park my own car across the street, spend a few nights in my car. Hell I might even let them smash it again so I could follow them home.

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