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10-05-2003, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Caniacforever
So you really feel Staal is better than Spezza, Mizral? I'm really high on Staal myself but I don't think i've seen the offensive creativity with the puck that Spezza has.

Are you talking about right this minute better? 5 years? 10 years? Or all of the above? Staal certainly has a cleaner skating stride, but what else do you see that makes him stand out more?
I mean down the road. For now, I think Spezza is a touch better.

What makes Staal better? Well, I feel both are about as good passing wise. Both are about as good scoring wise. Staal has a better two-way game, Spezza has more pure-bred hockey sense. But the real difference is skating. Skating can cause such a huge amount of points. You take a slow player who can make plays and get 60 points, give him speed, and maybe he pots 90 or even 100. It's just a huge difference. In particular, the agility of Staal is what I find is the main difference. I saw Staal play once in particular in which he was just winning all the battles for loose pucks due to pure quickness. Spezza is a great player, but that speed difference is huge. Yes, Spezza is by no means the slowest player out there, but the difference is there.

Mind you, I think both will be phenomenal players. I think Spezza may be better at some points in his career, but Staal to me seems like he'll be able to do it for longer. Faster players in their old age slow down into slower players. Slow players in their old age slow down into reverse

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