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11-02-2010, 04:00 AM
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Originally Posted by vanuck View Post
Is there any way to find numbers that would back this up? I'd be really interested to know just how many injuries we've had over the last couple years compared to other teams. Pretty sure Gillis and co. have studied this as they've focused on making players more comfortable so as to benefit the team like the travel study, sleep doctors, the mind room etc.
I think we're actually pretty average. You just don't notice the problems other teams are having to nearly the extent that you notice issues with the team you're following every day.

Look at NJ tonight - multiple blueliners out. Same for Anaheim when we played them earlier in the year.

As for Parent, the notion that his groin strain has something to do with Takahashi is ridiculous as we aquired this player less than a month ago and he would have been on Nashville's offseason training program.

Hamhuis was hit by a shot, Ballard bounced his head off the glass hard after being hit, and Salo blew his achilles playing ball hockey in the offseason. None of these injuries have anything to do with training, or travel, or anything you can control.

Same goes for Bieksa's skate cuts or Mitchell's concussion or any of Salo's injuries in prior seasons. The nature of playing defense in the NHL is that you're taking a lot of hits and having a lot of pucks bounce off you and injuries are going to happen.

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