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Originally Posted by Gulvorn View Post
He didn't say that. He said people talk about Columbus in the same way they talk about Florida and Atlanta. He was referring to their bad play and the lack of people showing up to watch them play badly, which he took responsibility for prior to bringing up that subject and took ownership of how the players need to play way better.

If he was talking about relocating he would have said Phoenix. He was talking about the 3 worst teams in the league in the past decade, which have clearly been Florida, Atlanta, and Columbus. Atlanta and Columbus have never won a playoff game and when was the last time Florida was even in the playoffs?
In fact, we just had a conversation on this Board comparing Florida, Atlanta and Phoneix to the Jackets with regard to on-ice performance and attenance. So, a big hello to loyal reader Derick Brassard. And, as pointed out elsewhere, the Panthers haven't made the playoffs as long as the Jackets have existed. The last time they made the playoffs was 1999-00. They have only made the playoffs 3 times and only made it out of the first round the year of their Cup run.

Originally Posted by Samkow View Post
Brassard just became Zaius' favorite player.

Not smart kid. Not gonna flip out about it but shoulda shut your mouth.
Unless he starts showing this type of passion on the ice again (there was a time a couple years back when he did), it would probably take a lot for him to supplant Umberger as my current favorite Jacket.

Most of us in the "real world" have to bite our tongue about our bosses, so it is nice to live vicariously through someone who doesn't have to kiss ass.

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