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11-02-2010, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
Perhaps I'm just as confused by these types of arguments, but for a completely different reason. I've always wondered how civil debates or arguments such as these can be read as hate. We've gotten accustomed to throwing around that word, and the bottom line is hatred isn't the motivating factor here. It's simply a disagreement on a player's current level of play.
If you are saying some 22 year old young defenseman is terrible at certain aspects of the game and you do not like his play and get nervous when he is out there, in a sense, that is hating on him. I can understand if his game is not all it can be """yet""", but let him be! Give him some time to develop. If we just said this crap about every young player, they would never get chance to develop.

Especially saying things like, "oh Trotz only puts him out against the easiest matchups possibly" is hating on him. I have seen Franson on the ice against very good NHL players before.

Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
I appreciate that third man in.

I don't like Franson's game. he has a nice shot. makes a decent outlet pass, but uses his body less than arnott, and as a defenceman, that bugs me. All d-men have to have some element of a physical game, not poke check everything that comes your way. Even the soft euros will use their body to pin guys on the boards. Franson stands there and poke checks all day.

and don't get me started on how slow he is. you can say he is long legged, but so is pronger and chara and weber and anybody else over 6-2. They don't seem to have a problem with it.

and third, he is supposed to be such a weapon on the PP. do i need to go there?

I still think he was outplayed in camp by sulzer and blum. I still think head to head, sulzer is a better fit for the type of hockey the preds play. I think blum should have been called up to replace suter wile he is out. Has anyone else noticed our d-men can't make an outlet pass?
I definitely agree with that statement token, at least we can agree on that one, lol. Blum or Josi for sure should have had the call.

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