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11-02-2010, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Nedved View Post
I can see why you would be upset with the parking. ha. having said that, you seem to be the one who just doesn't get it.

It's like you really think you are better than those people, and that they are below you. For all you know maybe someone they knew died in grade 12, couldn't handle it and are going back to school now. maybe they were sick as a kid, had cancer, now have recovered and are going back to school. maybe they didn't take maths/sciences in high school graduated with an arts degree couldn't find a job they wanted and now are back to take sciences. maybe some had abusive parents and their concern wasn't getting the next assignment done, but was rather to avoid the next beating.

oh yeah, playing music loudly in a car is only acceptable when the car is full and has at least 3 passengers in it that are intoxicated.
he never said he was above them. When you take someone's parking spot, you're in the wrong, clear as day.

and about people not getting out of the ****ing way while walking, at vanier it seems everyone has this problem. Just completely ******** when it comes to the simple act of walking and NOT stopping dead in the middle of the hallway or stair case all of a sudden. Whatever, i try to avoid running into the idiots best i can, but if a few times i 'miss' () they'll atleast remember it next time (i'm an ex bouncer, so very big) when they get sent flying.

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