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11-02-2010, 10:38 AM
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Something I've always wondered about is the argument regarding NCAA versus CHL in terms of development. The CHL is seen as more NHL-like in terms of scheduling, whereas the NCAA is seen as having more time for training, practice, and non-game development. The idea is the lighter load of games allows the prospect more time to train. Well, why hasn't any NHL team taken a kid like Gormley, and given him a lighter load of NHL games, while having him work with NHL trainers on his days off? NCAA teams generally play on the weekends. They generally play, what, fourty-ish games? The Coyotes will play 35 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday games this season. Keeps the kid from burning out, allows him to learn at the NHL level, and gives him time to bulk up and get NHL ready. Sounds a bit like the best of both worlds. Why has no team done this? Seen as a waste of an ELC year? Seen as unfair to the rest of the team? Perhaps a chemistry isssue? I mean, I suppose the vets could say, "He's either ready or he's not". However, this is a business, that kid is an investment, and the organization is doing what they feel will bring the highest return on their investment. Surely guys are capable of understanding that. Maybe I'm just stupid and can't see the obvious answer, here.

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