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Originally Posted by TatarBashqort View Post
No problem mate

his nationality is Tatar it's written on his documents which is given at birth in Russia but his citizenship is Russian, he is tatar but citizen of Russia, as well as i'm

We are second in population after Russians, mostly we're living in Volga-Ural region (originally it's our land before the conquest of Ivan The terrible and slavic intervention) but now adays tatar diaspora is spread everywhere in Russia.yes ofc everysportsmen with Russian citizenship are playing for Russia there is no Tatarstan hockey team or Tatarstan football/soccer team on paper Tatarstan and Bashqortostan(another turks nation which are sub-ethnos of Tatars - they are Bashqorts) are Republics with own goverment we have own presidents own flag and etc but still part of Russia, it's like French Canada or Scotland of UK and so on kinda independent in some ways

well yet the biggest difference between Russians and Tatar/Bashqorts is that we are turkic poeple and 95% of us are sunni muslims

sorry for off-top thou it's about Nail ethinicity)
So then is Tomas Tatar a Tatar as well? It sounds obvious, though I don't know anyone named Joe Canada so it could be a coincidence.

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