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11-02-2010, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Rimers stache View Post
You mean they answer questions like a normal human being and not a product drone. Seriously, listen to any post-game sporting interview, it's the same five answers recycled (partly because it's the same five recycled questions). I have watched every baseball playoff game this post-season and anytime they interview a pitch post-game he starts by saying, "The goal was to just throw strikes and let our defense do the rest" followed by, "we're taking every game one at a time so i'm only concerned with tomorrow". What a croc of b*ll. We are so scared to hear what these people actually think and believe, it's getting so damn annoying. BTW it doesn't matter if you're Russian/Canadian/American/Chinese/Mexican etc. it's pretty silly to generalize an entire group of people as having diarrhea of the mouth. When's the last time you heard Tyutin's name in the news or even Malkin?
First of all it was a joke, second of all Russians are known to be more candid in the media and I find it funny that you would even try to dispute or downplay that fact, and thirdly when you are a sports player the boring response is always the best response.

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