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10-05-2003, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
I disagree that Vancouver is in it's prime. I believe we're 2 years away from truely knowing the potential of the club. Why?

The Sedin's will be 25, Cooke will be 26, etc.. etc.. - by then, more of the better players of this team will be entering their prime as the best players (Naslund, Bertuzzi, Jovanovski, Ohlund, and Morrison) are still well within theirs.
Very well then if the Nucks are still a ways from their prime and are still improving, then by the same reasons, you should reserve judgement of Kevin Lowe's team as they are even farther from their prime. Agreed?

Originally Posted by Mizral
As for losing our players - well, somebody here says we aren't a small market team. Now you say we will lose them as if we were? Which one is it?
You can't possibly be holding me to another poster's comments right? C'mon Mizral, as one of the HFboards most revered posters, you can do better than that. If you're asking me, I think the Nucks have a significantly larger payroll than the Oil and Minnesota. Is it big enough to keep Bertuzzi, Ohlund, and Naslund around long enough to win a Cup? Who knows. But I honestly don't think that the Nucks can go much higher in terms of payroll than where they sit now.

Originally Posted by Mizral
Naslund & Jovo are both here longterm still. It's Ohlund & Bertuzzi & Morrison we're not sure about. I would argue that Bertuzzi means a lot less to the Canucks than people realize, but even still, I am not too worried about losing him. Ohlund I"m more worried about, but feel we should be able to resign him. Morrison is tricky, but he's a Pitt Meadows boy, I think we can resign him to his hometown.

So it's not Naslund & Jovanovski that are going to be gone, but the other three that could be the worry.
I disagree with your downplaying of Bertuzzi since all that Vancouver fans seem to do now a days is rave about the guy [You guys even have a song just for Uzi Bertuzzi]. Losing Bertuzzi would be detrimental to the potency of Vancouver's first line (naslund cannot do it alone) as well as Vancouver's fanbase - a factor that you brought up in one of your earlier posts.

Originally Posted by Mizral
I just can't 'trust you' that Vancouver will lose all their best players for little to nothing, though, when the management of the team has shown that they CAN resign key members of the club long term - twice now. We in Vancouver were hearing that'd we'd lose Naslund and we didn't. Then we heard that Jovanovski was going to fly the coop for the Rangers, and he didn't. So I'm sorry if I'm not going to just go with your word on this one. I'll believe it when I see it.

Well, that will have to be seen. You can't believe that Vancouver will lose their best players for little to nothing but neither can you convince me that they won't. I think what I'm saying is that we agree in the fact that only time will tell. For the most part though, I think that you are keen to point out Lowe's mistakes and not keen enough to admit similar weaknesses in Burke's reign as GM.

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