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11-02-2010, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
I share your hate for acer, but I apply it to all oem manufacturers. They almost always uae terrible parts (right down to capacitors and tiny things like that.) Their cases usually have the airflow of a ******** in july. Their psu's are bargain bin quality and that can really come back to bite you.

I dont want it to sound like im pushing my own agenda here, but im pretty passionate about this
Yeah notice how they never say what the PSU even is and if they do all they tell you is the W. Yeah like I give a **** if it's 600W if it's some no name piece of **** that clocks in at like 280W. Only reason I say for him to go with an already built one, it's better than telling him to pirate an OS, albeit a ****** OS comes with it usually but it is for the most part free. That and also he doesn't need it for gaming or anything so even with a **** PSU without upgrading he should be fine. The final nail in the coffin for me is that if it blows he can return it right away or if it dies it will have a factory warranty. I know the parts come with one too but often times its a lot easier to just got to bestbuy and tell them "take this defective piece of **** back" and boom you've got a new working PC hours later.

With parts and having it built for you for sure you can send the part away but might be out of a computer for a while. Of course since it's the factory warranty Bestbuy could just tell you to **** off anyways, but I'm fairly confident you can circumvent that by *****ing until you get your way anyways.

Honestly though for my own rigs I always build my own. The cases have gotten a lot better over the years on prebuilt ones but the PSU's are terrible, the mobos they use half the time are like the worst one imaginable.

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