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Originally Posted by nikeisevil View Post

One of his issues is that he likes to take too much time to get us familiar with our surroundings. We're in the information age! We get things quicker. We don't need them dragged out for us ala Sergio Leone.

Honestly, other than THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION - which was brilliant - I haven't been overly impressed with Darabont's work. I hope that THE WALKING DEAD grows on me. I remember not liking BREAKING BAD much in the first year but the last two years have gripped me.
Yeah a part of our society I do not care for sometimes. Especially when it bleeds over into things like art or cinema etc... Feels kind of sad to use that as a criticism.

I love with subjects like this when they really take their time with it. It really drives home the hopeless suffocating atmosphere. To be honest it could have even moved a tad slower and I would have been happy with that. Such as spending more time Morgan (loved this actor in Jericho as well) and his son. This slow moving build up of atmosphere and suffocating emotion is part of what made me love Dawn Of The Dead (70s one) in the first place.

Funny you mention Shawshank Redemption as so good. Which it is, an awesome movie. But how slow moving is that plot? Part of what made it good but that does not fit into the everything has to be instant because I am endlessly impatient and need everything fed to me at a million miles an hour take on things.

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