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Originally Posted by Oilerdiehard View Post
Yeah a part of our society I do not care for sometimes. Especially when it bleeds over into things like art or cinema etc... Feels kind of sad to use that as a criticism.

I love with subjects like this when they really take their time with it. It really drives home the hopeless suffocating atmosphere. To be honest it could have even moved a tad slower and I would have been happy with that. Such as spending more time Morgan (loved this actor in Jericho as well) and his son. This slow moving build up of atmosphere and suffocating emotion is part of what made me love Dawn Of The Dead (70s one) in the first place.

Funny you mention Shawshank Redemption as so good. Which it is, an awesome movie. But how slow moving is that plot? Part of what made it good but that does not fit into the everything has to be instant because I am endlessly impatient and need everything fed to me at a million miles an hour take on things.
Agreed here. I like slow moving plot development. Not because I need more time to "get it" but that it creates more atmosphere and I prefer to feel it. Soak it in. Takes us more to the place. I like as well that they didn't fill us with meaningless details of the personal lives. But enough for the plot to make sense.
So in short the long takes exploring the surrounds and lay of the land is what makes it interesting imo. The first person shoot em up thing gets old fast and something I can see anywhere.

I would've preferred for there not to be zombies in the hospital and bodies all around the hospital and a bit more time spent before the protagonist starts figuring it out and being exposed more gradually to the riddle of what is going on. That could have been more fascinating.

One thing I was curious about as far as plot was the protagonist had already seen weird crawling corpse bicycle girl by the time he met the son and his father. Why at that point was he so incredulous about the story? The zombies. One would think some details might have been filled in by then for him.

But then again perhaps in the walking dead world zombie movies never existed..

I'm sure theres an interesting chicken or egg byline there somewhere.

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