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11-02-2010, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by mirimon View Post
Wtf is up with these guys wanting to trade Timonen suddenly? Are we just looking at his date of birth or is there some other statistic we're basing this off? It sure as hell can't be his play so far this season.

As for the whole Giroux thing... it's pretty ridiculous, really. Can he score 40 goals a season? Yeah, sure he could do that. Will he? I doubt it. If he scores around 25 goals a season I'll be thrilled.

A discussion about a player who has a career high so far of 47 pts, where the guy comparing him to Scott Gomez as far as production is seen as too negative... I don't know what to call that. Will Giroux get more than 47 points this year? Yeah, and he should too, he should be progressing, but let's give it a little more than one month before we call it a season though.

I also don't quite get the fascination with some of you to constantly put two players against each other. "If you like Giroux, you can't like Carter", or JvR or whoever. Sounds like you're still in the 6th grade really. Just be glad that we have a core of great, young, forwards who we should be able to keep for years to come.
Excellent post, but I'm pretty sure the reaction by some of the posters is going be something along the lines of blocking their ears and saying "Can't hear you!" over and over again.

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