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10-05-2003, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
What ? you think it's only athletes & ferraris that could do this ? It happen everyday in north america with Honda Civic, Acura , you name ir & modified cars with young people (18-25) fascinated with speed.

Was it stupid ? SURE

But the way you react by thinking law vengeance will solve the problem for every young kid who love speed is very dumb.

Also no sympatize with Heatley & wish him jailtime is also very stupid of you.

Do you think Dan Snyder told Heatley ''hey man , slow down, you're goin very fast'' & Heatley respond ''relax man & enjoy the ride ?''

Now way , he had fun & he was also responsible for ''probably'' not telling everything inside the car.

This is very sad for Dan Snyder but it's a very a$$hole comment you just did.

If you dont want to debate then like you said, you should have thought of posting such things & being a jerk with it.

I think you go in University ? Well I think you just proof that being educated doesn't prevent you from being classless.

P.S. Im not defending Heatley's act but everyone here (NO EXCEPTION) made lack of judgment at least once in their life & this life cause the life of a person. Sad but that's life that no one should treat this matter as a black or white fascist answer.
Yeah, very classy of you to call me a jerk and an *******. Responses like yours are the reason that I usually stay away from debates and you give all habs fan a bad name by answering like that.

Edit: Forgot to state that you also called me "dumb" "stupid" and classless.