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11-02-2010, 04:49 PM
the word*
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I'm interested in seeing the story unfold from the zombie's point of view. Can any of our friends from Calgary help me out with this perspective?

Several years ago someone did a show like that... zombies, not just brain dead automatons... zombies are looking for something beyond human flesh, they're just misunderstood and suffering from a little dementia, and well, there dead. Calgarians do need to keep up the search for brains however.

I love the zombie genre, I can't get enough... the new western. Why don't zombies ever attack a bus load of pre-schoolers? Slow, not that much ingenuity, and most likely more tasty than sinewy adults. Always lots of child zombies to freak you out, but you rarely see a child get attacked by zombies. Zombie politics.

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