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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
One of the things thats interested me is post apocalyptic depictions of a future world. Just the world after a cataclysm. Not with the invocation of zombies, plagues, terminator war machines, road warriors, end or world weather, etc.
Although I suspect road warriors might be the closest to representing a possible transitory phase of a life after.
Waterworld in a stranger way touched on it.

I think you mentioned that the graphic novel Walking Dead is based on went into these areas. I am curious though given that why the need to invoke zombies at all? Could the book have foregone that and replaced with some other less distracting variable. or would that ruin it?

A little philososphical here but myself I think in a post apocalyptic world the zombies symbolically really are all of us. Fighting for survival given limited means and sustenance. The zombies seem to actually detract from this potential study of the darker side of human nature and darwinistic survival unfolded..

How about that Eberle eh?
have you seen the movie the road with viggo mortensen. its an end of the world movie but you never know what causes it and there are no robots, mutants, zombies etc. its a gloom movie though

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