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11-02-2010, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by timbitca View Post
Agreed, but the fact remains they're 0-4 at a -23 and 1-0 +1 with Lavigne out/in. I think it gets to a point where you just rely too much on your tender. No knock on MacFarlane either, I'm sure he can do the job, the team is just utter **** in front of him.

Also, I've been slacking, here's the video.

You can't conclusively say that he did or did not hit him from the video but you have to admit it's more than a facewash motion, and that Lavigne had no business being that near to our bench doing his antics (too bad neither my camera nor STU's caught his celebration, haven't seen anyone win the Stanley Cup be that excited in a while)
I have watched this several times now.

Watch Leduc duck down and start skating really hard towards Lavigne then let up at the very end before Charlie lifts his trapper. Then the Moncton guys skate right into the fray and mix it up with Tommies.

This is not a pardon for Lavigne considering he shouldn't have been on that side of the ice but Leduc was also being an idiot.

I was sitting behind Lavigne and when STU scored he took off like mad towards the Moncton bench tapping his stick and yelling at the Moncton bench kind of show boating. Not the most sportsman like thing to do but the two teams were jawing all night.

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