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Contains spoilers, screw off if you haven't watched the episode..;)

Originally Posted by the word View Post
That's an ongoing development in the genre as a whole. I mean sooner or later someone has to see the first tell tale signs of the dead walking and say, damnnn, zombies...
Yep, thats exactly what I was getting at. Somebody should do some camp on it and have the guy thumbing through a Frommers Zombie guide or Zombies for Dummies..

Hey guy, RUN!!! Its a friggen zombie!!! I know if I ever see half a skeleton with entrails hanging out of it crawling towards me I'm not sticking around for conversation or asking it when the next bus is coming..
The funniest part is riding into town on the horse and going blind gallop around a hidden corner and landing smack dab in the middle of the Macey's Thanksgiving Zombie parade..yeah thats bright..

I wonder how many calls they got from PETA on the ensuing depiction..

Originally Posted by the word View Post
I'm interested in seeing the story unfold from the zombie's point of view. Can any of our friends from Calgary help me out with this perspective?

Several years ago someone did a show like that... zombies, not just brain dead automatons... zombies are looking for something beyond human flesh, they're just misunderstood and suffering from a little dementia, and well, there dead. Calgarians do need to keep up the search for brains however.
Heh the Calgary zombification continues..

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