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10-06-2003, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
It's not classy, I was stunned to see that in 2003 , people like you come in here & trash on someone without even having a bit of sympathy for a guy that JAIL or NOT will feel very guilty for a lack of judgment that so many kids in the world made everyday of their life.

You prefer to spit your venom on a guy that didn't do anything to you & yes UNFORTUNATELY & VERY SADLY cause the life of someone.

Dont transfer the subject on me about me being classy & giving a bad name to the Habs fan ? Look at @ what you said ?

I know usually you love the sarcasm & make people jump just for fun but im not the one who wrote

''However, I have absolutely no sympathy for Heatly and I hope that he is made into an example by law.''

And I'm the one who is classless ? Im sorry but in the society & the principles that I have, I would think that you should yourself into a mirror for what you said.

Is it classless to call a person a jerk , a a$$hole when this person see the world as VENGEANCE about a kid (yes 22 years old , your maybe major but your still lacking of judgment at times) who is life is change forever for what happen & the results from it.

Think for second , 25 years later , your son did the same thing , without alcohol, he did it for fun & killed a friend. Will you sympathize for your son or you will tell him ''Son , I dont care , go to jail , you earn it to kill your friend without thinking of the consequence of your act'' ?

If you think I'm classless then go ahead but INTERNET or NOT , you are a judmental person who speak before thinking if what you said might hurt, offense other people around you.

This is LIFE not some theory like you & me learned in books.

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