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11-02-2010, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by BobSantos View Post
Please. Asbestos is very hard to get cancer from. You have to inhale, at length, of airborne particles.

Obviously asbestos falling from that height would create a cloud on impact, but after it is abated/disposed of there will be no further issues.

Cancelling a game because of this? My god, what a nanny state.

Check that, what a legalistic state of affairs. If a fan or player saw the asbestos it would probably be millions in lawsuits. "An abundance of caution". Hah.
Wrong. A limited exposure can cause an asbestos related injury, and can in fact cause mesothelioma.

To disparage the victims of asbestos poisoning is both cold and ridiculous. These were men who simply went to work and were rewarded with debilitating injuries, and in extreme cases, death.

Oh and don't forget the wives who simply washed their husband's clothing and were killed as a result.

And yes, the asbestos manufacturers knew that their "miracle mineral" was capable of all this. They knew going back into the early 1900's, in fact.

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