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05-17-2005, 10:46 AM
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My overall top 100 soccer prospects ranking is finally there on the lists’ thread
I have to say it has been a herculean task to complete it, trying hard to do it as well as possible, even knowing that would be impossible predicting right a lot of things even for one hypothetical observer able to watch all these prospects as much as needed, let alone for someone not able to do that, like me/us.
Please advice if you notice any omissions or typos..
comments are welcome (please post them in this thread only!), both appreciating and criticizing ones, but before letting the criticism begin keep in mind a few things (defensive strategy ):

-This ranking will inevitably look like crap some months from now already, but only years will tell the true story and the good way to look at it in the future should be notice both right and wrong things on it.
-Do your own one! (not necessarily a top100)..Its’ easier to do it now that another overall list is there (for decision purposes and moreover to take note of every prospects and to use copy and paste..)
If no one will post his overall list, mine will remain the official HFboards overall soccer prospects ranking!
-Rankings will keep the 1/1/82 birthdate as limit for elegibility until 30 July 2005; so to do an overall list for this class (or to make a definitve update of your league’s ranking for this class) you should submit it within that date.
Of course I keep the right to modify my ranking until then (so eventually after other ones will have appeared)
After 30 July 2005 all prospects lists (overall or by leagues) will have 1/1/83 as new birthdate limit for elegibility (new leagues’ lists appearing when the season is already over could use that new limit even before 30 July ).
-It’s almost inevitable to have more confidence in drafting the players you know better when you are uncertain.
Another key question to face is choosing between more sure, proven prospects and high risk/potential ones.
I chose to go the latter way for guys like Ben Arfa, Cerci and Lupoli.
One more factor is the position the prospect plays..or the fact he could be a rare package..that can make a bit harder to pass on him. That helped Ignazio Abate or Gerard Piqué ranks. Take Abate for example: in a couple of games this year he left me with the impression he could be something special, he could become the best pure winger Italy had in a long time. Of course as unproven as he is, that’s just a possibility (and that makes the pick very questionable, he could still be easily a bust), but a seductive one.

Ok, now you are free to fire to the author!
(Evilo, i am waiting for you )

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