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11-03-2010, 09:52 AM
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Attendance figures aren't really good, especially in the big arenas.

Düsseldorf and Hannover are at maybe 1/3 of capacity, Cologne way below 50% as well, though they do have a very large arena and aren't playing well. Hamburg is above 50%, but not exactly packing the arena either, and with their lack of success it's not going to go up either. Mannheim is a bit above those teams, but not anywhere near their peak either. Only Berlin seems to draw near capacity when it comes to those arenas. All the other teams had significantly larger crowds in the past.

Now, obviously lack of success will always hurt your attendance, but it appears like many fans simply aren't happy with the way hockey is going right now at the top level, for various reasons.

Occassionaly the fans will appear, like at Kassel's first game after going bankrupt and being thrown out of the DEL, with a capacity crowd (I think) coming to a 5th tier game.

Simply put, crowds are stagnant at best.

There are multiple reasons. The chaos that surrounds the league and the teams, with lots of financial problems every summer. Changing rules all the time. Lack of success over years and years, especially when paired with rather high expectations, or simply dislike for what is going on today. Fans in Düsseldorf, for example, absolutely can't stand their new arena and won't visit games anymore.

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