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11-03-2010, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by JayBee View Post
So the real Habs have arrived. I said a number of games ago when the team was winning that this team is not good. I was told to shut up.

Well, I'll tell you again...this team is not good:

a) The defense
The D is highly overrated, only 2 of the 6 D-men are able to move the puck past the blue line (Markov, Subban). Only 2 of the 6 are able to get pucks on net. The D generates 0 offensive chances for the forwards. They're also not good defensively... players continue to skate around Hal Gill. They struggle to get the puck out of the zone. Spacek is a turnover machine.
Split up Markov and Subban please.

The 2nd line needs a top 6 winger. What a shock! They played much better with AndreiK on the wing. Enough with Moen...either put Pouillot up there or acquire a winger. Management screwed up here big time.

Eller: You have to send him down where he can play big minutes.

c) Powerplay
Markov is great, but he's only one guy. People were acting like Markov would come back and miraculously change the PP. This won't happen until the team either changes philosophy or gets a D-man with a booming shot who can hit the net. Look at the PP the last few years....Souray, Streit, Schneider, Bergeron..they all had one thing in common....booming, accurate shot. Granted, this is Markov's pre-season/training camp so he'll get better, but he needs help.

The bright spots are Price and AndreiK. Imagine if Price was just ordinary this season....Habs would be in the basement.

Don't see this team doing much this year...and don't call me reactionary cuz I've been saying this since the offseason.
Id agree the d has been less than stellar in some games, voracek made them look bad in the first. Gill has to get that puck deep on the first goal not try for a shot. How he didnt get that puck for the second goal is beyond me. He looked like he had it the whole time til it got to him. Spacek continues to try and squeeze pucks through and hit the other teams sticks and almost scored on his own net.

I dunno about sending eller down in the third he looked decent beside pleks and cammalleri. Id give him a full game at that spot before making any judgements.

To mathman's less shots point. They are giving up less shots but its rare any of them are from the outside. Its pretty bad when your goalie is playing well ( the 3rd one tonight he should have positioned better instead of the poke check but at full speed its a split second decision) and they are putting up 3 goals a game on 24 shots. Ill take 30-35 perimeter shots over the 20 quality shots they are giving up now.

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