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11-03-2010, 12:16 PM
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Can always leave it to you to make my day better good o'l mac

Don't get me wrong though to the people saying to bury Gomez in the AHL you are no better than Mac and are the ones who should really be on the comedy circuit.

Sure Mac has some funny opinions at times but burying Gomez is just laughable. So really you are no better than he is.

It just goes to show how much fans overreact about stuff. Only 12 games in and with a good record we should bury Gomez in the minors threads are already starting to surface. I mean do you have any idea how stupid you sound saying that? Because of how Gomez has played? He's a pure playmaker playing on a line with 1 shooter, he and that 1 shooter are double covered constantly. Last nights game was the most obvious an example can be of that. Really not trying to be mean here but anyone who can't see that the last person to blame for that lines production is Gomez is just a hotheaded fan who doesn't think logically. Sorry to say but put Plek on a line with a double covered Gio and Moen, I doubt it would be much better but even if it were slightly better Plekanec is a better player than Gomez so it would make logical sense that it would be.

What about Gionta whose had 95%+ of his shots all from perimeter, can't get into a scoring area because nobody is covering the 4th liner on that line who can't score, they're covering the guy who can pass and the guy who can score. But whatever guys just keep deluding yourselves that it's all Gomez fault. It's easy to blame the guy cause he makes 7.5 million even though Gionta the goal scorer of the line can't even get into a scoring position let alone score. And I don't even blame Gio, the only logical person to blame is Martin because he isn't fixing that line, but I don't blame him either because he knows what proper player development is and that's why you don't see Pouliot there yet.

Like I said though, wait until he is and you'll all be back on Gomez dick by playoff time. Bunch of ****ing bipolar sellouts who would spit in Maurice Richards face if it were back in the day and he struggled for 10 games on a line with 2 nobodies.... unreal.

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