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11-03-2010, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by saints96 View Post
if we cudda, we wudda. How many differnt ways and times do you have to be told this, goalies dont have much value on the market, especially unproven goalies. yes Halak is unproven, half a season and one good playoff run does qualify you as proven. Didnt we have this convo like a million times this summer, why must you insist on bringing it up again
If so, then sign Halak, run the 2 goalies again, or trade Price, who, despite how unproven he also was, would have gotten us a better return based on EVERY expert out there.

And yet, as unproven Halak was, while it might not solution our needs right now, EVERYBODY agrees that we got a gem in Eller. From the St-Louis management to the rest of the league. For the future, it should pay off. If there wasn't a market, how did we succeed in getting a guy like Eller anyway? It's not too far fetched to think that Price would have gotten us a little more based on everything we see in Price right now and if we see it, they see it as well. Based on what he has done already. Based on his skillset and size etc.....That would have been wise management. Add the fact that while he's answering it right now, it will not take a whole lot before people go back hating Price again especially if Halak continue his ride and we don't....

You will lose any trade you'll make when it starts by knowing right from the start that you will not get the value it deserved. If you are right, we made a trade knowing there's no market for it EVEN THOUGH we know he's much better even for us than the return we would eventually get.....I have no idea why we keep doing that......

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