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05-17-2005, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by MiniMe7219
I just can't stand him as a person. He's an ok hockey player, but I've met him, and he's a true *******. He thinks he's a bigshot and he treated me like garbage because I'm an AC fan.

There are 4 groups looking to bring hockey to AC in 06/07. The Rangers even toured the Hall because they want an ECHL affiliate closer to them then Charlotte. I've heard that a local group wants to bring the Cincy Cyclones franchise in. They wanted to get started next season but they missed the ECHL deadline. They went so far as to ask Matt Thomas if he'd be interested in coaching. The UHL would never work due to the traveling. The closest team is Roanoke, and most of the other costs are virtually the same as the E.

I believe if you get the right people in that hockey can work here. Local people would have a much better understanding of the area. There were 5,000+ fans there for Cup night, which is better then what Trenton averages. There are hockey fans here, Shinn and Belisle just didn't know how to market to them. South Jersey's a unique market, you just need to learn what to do and not take a traditional approach, which is what Shinn and Belisle did. If you get the casinos involved and figure out how to market to people around here, it CAN work.

Parking isn't really all that bad. There's never a problem cramming 12,000 people in there for boxing, so 3,000 shouldn't be an issue for hockey.
Two quick points, wouldn't the closest UHL team be Danbury? The UHL is spread out and travel is part of the deal there, so it could work.

We will have to agree to disagree about hockey working in AC. When I first learned of ECHL going there I thought it was a bad idea that was doomed to fail.

I'm not sure that there is a proper way to market the team to the strippers, hookers and drug dealers. Certainly gamblers have no interest, unless, of course, you put blackjack tables and roulette wheels in the arena. To make matters even harder, the majority of the "legally" employed people in AC don't live there. That being said, the last thing they want to do is go to work, stick around for a hockey game until 10:00 and then head home.

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