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11-03-2010, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I understood everything until the bold, and then you blew my mind. What exactly are you talking about?
Uh.. Yeah. I rushed that.

Are you saying, "Winning always brings fans in Pittsburgh, and unlike in Philly, losing means an empty building."?

Not nitpicking about grammar here, your context is just so hard to get in that last part.
I meant that win or lose, fans show up in Philly. Pens fans were fairweather (attendance soared in the early 90's and plummeted afterward, then again rose after 2005). They have yet to prove otherwise, but if the Pens falter again, they will have a chance to do so.

Also, you're absolutely right that the cap has done nothing to help problem teams necessarily grow their way out of age-old slumps in the sense that it hasn't sent high-end free agent in search of bigger dollars down to the small market teams that can't even afford them. That has been drafting and management, but then again I view that as a good thing. Why should an organization be rewarded for incompetent management unless they get really lucky (see: Pittsburgh/Chicago). Even then, those lucky teams shouldn't necessarily be rewarded, but that's what happens when you get lucky. There are other teams working their way out of that issue right now like Toronto, Tampa, and LA with smart management along with some solid drafts.

That said, what a salary cap does is keep the bar low enough for smaller market teams to compete at least a little.

The salary cap, since it is based on revenue, is a great benchmark for how the league is doing as a whole. The league is gaining steam, and these small markets can only benefit from that.

The amount of benefit they get is how successful they manage to be though. I'm sure the Lightning are now finally turning things around a bit financially. I'd be surprised if they weren't thanks to a legitimate management and some excitement.

All the cap means is that they will be competitive sooner. The salary cap puts a speed-up on the rebuild process and brings a swifter guillotine into lottery picks.

Honestly, I'm okay with it. Soon it'll be time for these other teams to rise up. They won't be at the league basement forever.
I feel I might be radiating more heat than light, so I'll get off this thread for a bit. It just infuriates me that teams that aren't viable are the ones the league tries to prop up as opposed to move to viable markets.

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