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05-17-2005, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola
...the CBA is in place. According to reports the Leafs had talks with Mikael last summer. Then talked with him again during the WC to say that they are still interested. The report in a Swedish paper also said that Toronto planned to play him with Sundin.
I agree with those who say we don't need him... the team we have is okay but it probably won't win any cups anytime soon...

Where Is Your Home?
In my soul, and the hart of it.

Where are you from?

Who are you a part of?
The leafs fan base.

You may be misunderstanding me. I am not a leaf hater, only I believe in all teams. my faith is of my own how ever, I do not follow the words written in some instruction manual, I do not care to hear some one who will not practice what they preach, and I will not hear that some one has more then I, only because we are both living, so how can one be better then the other, when we are the same, we are alive.

PS: I don’t mean to post comments that are indeed off topic, and I only wanted to explain that it is not that I don’t believe in a cup for this current team, it is that I believe in them all. Only my faith is of life, and not "NHL" as for me, what is "NHL" in Leafs, is life to me, so what they would call “Hockey” I would call life, as it is real, where the other is only words.

By not being a yes man, is I would not chose one above the other, as this is not my place to do so. I am not above it, so I can not judge it. I can only love the leafs, and live it.

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