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10-06-2003, 02:57 AM
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May he rest in peace. Sorry i suck at speaches when it comes to death in general...

as for Heatley....if he was my son i'd have sympathy for him sure, but i'd also have sympaty for the familly of his friend who just died, although i'd do everything in my power to help Heatly through times like these and it would tear me up i wouldnt feel like he doesnt deserve jail the end we're talking about someone's life taken could have been prevented..It could have been Heathley's. Healthy deserves whatever time he gets.

Having said that we dont know the entire the "heat" of the moment perhaps it was heatley who decided to speed like crazy....perhaps he was pushed by Dan to continue speeding...perhaps both. who knows what happened. Either way hopefully people out there have learned from this, i know it makes me think twice...although to be honest with you my "crazy" days ended a year or two ago when i realised i wanted to live, not necesarily for myself but for my nices and nefews (I'm 27 in November).

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