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Majority of shooting on the move uses a snap shot, not a wrist shot.

With a wrist shot, the weight is on the leg opposite to your shooting hand (if you shoot left, weight is on the right leg when shooting). With a snap shot, weight is on the leg closest to your shooting hand (if you shoot left, weight is on your left leg). Practice in the driveway or parking lot with a puck. Don't worry about the moving part yet, just practice the snap shot. If you shoot left, actually lift your right leg in the air and lean over.... put all your weight on the one leg... then snap the shot. There's little drawback with the puck if any, unlike a wrist shot. Twist of the wrist - *snap* - puck is gone. Once you practice standing still, try it moving on skates next time your on the ice.

Edit to add, power comes from the speed of the stick, not the strength of your muscles. A fast shot is based upon your quickness. Your muscles are only needed to hold the stick firm when contact is made. Practice the shooting motion (any shot... snap, wrist, slap shot) without a puck, just thin air. Try to do the full motion as quickly as possible. Over and over... just the stick through the air. Once you have a speedy motion, practice with a puck, being conscious not to slow down the motion as the blade approaches the puck. Do not hesitate the motion just before contact. You're stronger than the puck. Get your stick movement to be as qucik, fast and complete whether there's a puck there or thin air.

Lastly, don't worry about how much you're raising the puck. Lift will come with quickness, then it's a matter of controlling the end of your swing motion to control how high the puck goes. Get speed first, raising will come naturally after that.

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