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11-03-2010, 06:03 PM
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With a majority of everything in hockey...alot of it is just being a good skater and having good balance. It sounds like you just aren't getting much behind your shot cause you are trying mostly to stay up versus transfering your weight with the shot mid-stride. Just one of those things you NEED to be on the ice to completely get down trying to practice that off-ice is a toughy...

Off-ice keep practicing but practice shooting off the leg/position that you would be in mid stride and really try to lean your weight into them to learn how to take the shot off the ice but keep in mind what edges on your skate you would be using if you were on ice.

Also make sure if you are trying to do a wrister that you draw the puck back so you can get your weight behind it cause if it starts out a little ahead of ya that could be a reason you are flubbin it on the ice.

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