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11-03-2010, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by JayBee View Post
So why did teams act like they had no idea the goalies were on the block? And it was McKenzie who said he talked to GM's that had no idea Halak was available.

Plus, if you want to trade a player you contact don't just wait for a team to contact you. That's like putting your resume on workopolis and expecting employers to call you rather than being pro-active and going to the employers yourself.

Only on this forum is wanting one player over another complaining.
It's not at all like putting your CV on workopolis buddy. Halak is not looking for a job elsewhere, I'm sure he would have agreed to be Mtl's #1 keeper. Just like Price did. Neither goalie had to sell themselves to other teams.

Let's use that everyday work example of yours. Say you're the owner of a company that need a new project leader (St.Louis and other teams looking for a Goalie) and you know one of your competitors (Mtl) might have a GREAT one to spare..Price or Halak. Don't you think that you should call to see if a deal can be reached??
But of course, you don't see it that way. You're not happy about the trade and think we could have gotten more therefore your conclusion is that Gauthier wasn't proactive enough.

I don't need Bob McKenzie or any GM across the NHL to tell me Halak and Price were available or not. It was OBVIOUS. It's like Kessel in Boston. You knew the Bruins had no cap room for him and unless they created a lot of space, he'd likely be gone. So, like any average intelligent man would do, you pick up the phone and call to see what's happening which is what Burke did. Same exact scenario with our keepers.
Really, you can drop this whole thing. Gauthier didn't even have to send a league wide email telling his peers that our goalies were available. Any hockey fan with half a brain could figure that one out.

Also, it's not because you wanted a different player that Gauthier made a bad trade. You can never judge a trade a few months after it. It takes years. Eller can become a top line player, if Price sucks, people will say this trade was a bad one.
For now, it's a decent trade. Price is playing great, so is Halak, and Eller has shown some good things.

You are not the voice of reason (neither am I or anybody else here), only the players will determine whether this trade was a good or bad one, and we'll need a few years before knowing that for sure.

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